Tattoo Removal

Enlighten by Cutera

Tattoos were once considered permanent and irreversible, but this is no longer true! Dr. Walding offers laser tattoo removal with the new, enlighten Laser by Cutera.  We are excited to be the first in the area to offer the enlighten, which makes Southern Institute of Plastic Surgery an optimum choice for tattoo removal.

Important facts about Enlighten

– enlighten is FDA approved.

– Depending on the size, color and depth of the tattoo removal with enlighten can take between 3-6 sessions and more

– enlighten can target any ink color, although darker colors are easier to remove. Reds, yellow and white are more difficult and may require additional treatments.

– enlighten can also be used to treat benign pigmented lesions.

If you or someone you know is looking to have a tattoo removed or lightened, it can now be done faster & better than ever. Book a free consultation to learn more about the enlighten process and pricing

PICO Genesis by Cutera

Pico Genesis is a new, non-thermal way to treat pigmentary concerns. PICO Genesis uses ultra-short laser pulses that deliver a shockwave effect to selectively shatter the pigment and cause disruption and remodeling to the upper dermis. This results in a brighter, more uniform complexion. This new treatment shows a dramatic improvement in the reduction of pigmentation as well as an overall brilliance to the patient’s complexion. We can achieve this in as few as two treatments. PICO Genesis takes roughly 20 minutes from start to finish, is pain-free and requires virtually no downtime.

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